Call of Duty Mobile... What's the deal?

When we think of console or PC games gone mobile, we don’t often expect the results to be all that good, but with Call of Duty, fans are super happy with the game experience. 

We chatted with gamer, Miguel Carneiro, about his feelings on the mobile game and were pleasantly surprised.

Miguel has been gaming for about 34 years, and has enjoyed console, PC and mobile in different situations.  We asked him what drew him to Call of Duty mobile, as apposed to playing on PC, his current go-to.

“I found that playing Call of Duty on the PC was way too stressful.  The controls are harder to navigate, so I wasn’t doing well.  With mobile, the controls are way easier to use, so I do much better and can actually have fun.”

With all 6 seasons available to download and fantastic features in each, we can’t think of what not to enjoy!  Season 5 welcomed “Ghost” back to the character set, (can we get a YAAASSS!!) and season 6 sees an undead siege mode and event, new multiplayer maps, a brand-new battle pass and more.  The game has different player options, including battle royale and multi-player.  You can also play first or third-person shooter.

When asked about any shortcomings of the mobile game, Miguel did mention that the graphics are what one would expect from a mobile game. In fact, he said the graphics are kind of like PC graphics from about 15 years ago… Ah, well, I guess we can’t ask for it all. So, the graphics aren’t as great as on PC or console, but the game experience is good enough to keep us coming back for more.

Being mobile, the game does have in-app ads.  They are to help you unlock rewards, so just a heads up about those.

Miguel does recommend the game to anyone who enjoys first-person shooter and battle royale games and we have to agree.  We are all for mobile, and when a game performs as well as Call of Duty, we just love it!

Call of Duty Mobile is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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