Super Mario fans, this one’s for you! 😍
A near-mint condition, sealed copy of Super Mario 64 is up for auction, but even just the starting price may make you a little weak in the knees!
This was the game that launched Mario Brothers into 3D, and it was given a staggering 9.8 rating on the Wata Scale. The auctioneer, Heritage Auction, says that makes it one of fewer than five known sealed copies in such good condition! Quite the achievement.
The auction, launched in July, was set at $100 000 with bids only allowed in increments of $5000. We can only wonder what the final price will be!
Heritage does have experience with rare video games. In April 2021, they sold a super rare copy of the original Super Mario Bros for $660 000! (The game had a Wata rating of 9.6)
Though most of us would probably love to get our hands on a piece like this, Heritage video game specialist, Valerie McLeckie summed it up in her announcement:
“…this copy is a true prize for any serious collector.”
(Sigh. Maybe when I’m grown up!) 😝
Obviously, though if you are wanting to play the game, you can get your copy without spending 6 figures! It’s been delisted on the Nintendo e-shop, but it’s still available in retail stores!
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