Gaming News: 4 of the best PC games that are FREE right now! 🤩🥳

Ultima Underworld 1 & 2, Syndicate, and Syndicate Wars are undeniably 4 of the best classic PC games and right now, they are absolutely FREE for you, until 3 September 2021!
A few months ago, EA pulled the games from the GOG (Good Old Games) store. At the time, they issued no explanation for it, but speculation is that the necessity for large corporations to keep profit flowing by pushing their newer games outweighed the need to keep the golden-oldies going for the die-hard fans.
As disappointing as it was, this does point to a bigger, and ongoing problem, and that is that classic games are too often let down by their publisher libraries. We get it, money talks, but surely there should be a place for the old classics?
Well, it seems EA came to their senses and returned the games to at least 1 digital shop, and the best part is that they’re free until 3 September! The games are, obviously, dated, but that’s half the appeal.
We can’t help recommending that you head on over to GOG and get yourself a copy ASAP! 😁
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