How to stop your phone from overheating?

How to stop your phone from overheating?  

Overheated phones are not uncommon these days and there are plenty of reasons behind this issue. That said, taking necessary precautions to avoid potential overheating of your smartphone is important.  


  1. Don’t leave it under the heat  

During a hot day, you obviously look for a shade so your body will not get overheated. The same theory should be applied to your phone too. Don’t expose your phone to direct heat for prolonged times. The sun’s glare will make your smartphone heated very fast and eventually it will impact badly on its sensitive parts and the battery. So, keep it under a shady place all the time, away from heat.  


  1. Remove its case  

If your phone is already heated, remove its cover at least until it gets cooled down. In general, phone cases can act as insulators so they slow down the cooling process of the device. It is true that your phone case can act as protection from bruises and impacts. However, when you notice an overheating, the best approach is to remove the case until the device is cooled down completely.  


  1. Buy a smartphone cooler  

If you run heavy apps on your phone (such as mobile games) or watch videos often, it would be better to use a smartphone cooler. A good smartphone cooler can absorb the heat off your smartphone and keep it cool all the time regardless of the task you are performing. You can buy a good quality smartphone cooler simply by visiting an online store 


  1. Change the settings of the device 

If your smartphone is getting heated even when you don’t use heavy apps, there are some tweaks to try. First, just turn off the brightness of the screen. That will put less strain on the battery and keep the device cooled down. Also, turn off mobile and Wi-Fi data whenever you don’t need them. Also, when you don’t expect calls, just put the device on airplane mode.  


  1. Know the limits of the device 

Some individuals tend to use heavy apps on the device constantly and that will definitely increase the temperature of the device. Also, if you use high-speed charging, that might make the device heated very often. So, be sure to avoid such activities if you notice excessive heat on the device. In addition to that, you should avoid playing games, watch videos, browse the internet, etc. while the device is plugged into the charger.  


  1. Keep it out of the pocket 

Your pockets are generally hot compared to the outside. If you keep your smartphone there for a pretty long time, it can absorb your body’s heat. So, be sure to keep the phone outside the pocket whenever it is possible. When you sit, keep it on a desk, for instance. Also, if you carry a bag, place the phone there. If not, you can put it in the pockets of your jacket.  


So, follow the above tips and expect a longer lifespan from your beloved smartphone. 

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