Optimizing your smartphone for gaming

Are you a diehard gaming fan? If so, you might be installing and trying pretty much every new game released. You always want to play games with excellent graphic quality as well. However, some users say that their devices give some troubles while installing or playing games even if they meet the minimum system requirements. In this guide, let’s learn how to optimize your smartphone for gaming and avoid potential disturbances.  


  • Uninstall idle and unwanted applications  

Make sure that you get rid of all the unwanted apps installed on your Android. Bloatware and other unwanted apps can only consume resources while doing nothing good for you. So, just get rid of those apps before installing your new game.  


  • Disable animations 

Live wallpapers and other animations on the home screen will drain the battery fast. So, it is wiser to get rid of those unwanted animations and reserve a battery for gaming.  


  • Give a boost to the device’s RAM  

There can be some apps running in the background and consume resources to slow down the device. That can badly affect you when you run the game. To avoid such disturbances, be sure to close background apps and free up the RAM. As a result, you will experience a sudden increase in the device’s performance.  


  • Find and get rid of resource-hungry apps 

There can be some innocent-looking apps that can cause various troubles in the background. Live widgets, synchronizations, push notifications, etc. can consume resources of your device and slow it down. Things can be so bad if a couple of those apps are running at once. So, scan for those apps and remove them to increase the performance.  


  • Clean the junk files  

Make sure that you optimize the device by removing junk files and temporary files. Also, scan and delete app residue. You can do it manually or use a junk removal app. 


  • Keep the device fully charged before playing the game  

You must ensure that the device is fully charged before starting to play the game. Don’t plug the device into the charger and play the game.  


  • Change the graphic settings 

When you play HD games on your mobile, it puts a lot of strain on it. So, you will have to do some changes to experience the best of it. For instance, you can lower the graphic settings one level (use medium instead of heavy). With that, you can expect the game to run smoothly without potential glitches.  


  • Update the device 

Make sure that you keep the device updated to the latest version. If you keep the OS and other apps updated to their latest, the device will run smoothly.  


Besides, you can invest in a couple of accessories if you expect to enjoy the best of mobile gaming. For instance, you can buy a gaming controller with physical buttons to gain better control over any game. Also, those controllers come with cooling options to boost the device’s performance. Likewise, there are several other mobile gaming accessories for gaming enthusiasts.  

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