Triggers. Why you need them and what to avoid

Having additional triggers attached to your phone can really enhance your gaming.  Most of them are super sensitive and give you that real-world feel that we are looking for.  But there are some down-sides to having the triggers attached to your device.  Let’s look at some of the pros and cons and ways to avoid the cons.

If you are someone who enjoys shooting games like PUBG, Fortnite or Call of Duty, then triggers can really go a long way in enhancing your gameplay.  Most triggers are easy to snap on and go, so installing is quick and pain free.

A con is that if you have an oleophobic coating on your phone, you may find some scuffing after using external triggers.  This is because the coating is not meant to be permanent.  In fact, on most phones, it has disappeared after a year or two of use.  But most triggers come with padding to avoid any scuff marks or scratches at all, so this is seldom a problem.

Some players have experienced a problem with the placement of their triggers.  If you find that a trigger is blocking another function or button, a simple fix is to move it slightly, to get optimal use out of your whole device.

Triggers are made to be sensitive.  That means that when you need them the most, they will add speed and agility to your gameplay.  You can expect more kills and increased shooting accuracy and speed, as you get to play with 4 fingers instead of 2.

If you are looking for a mobile gaming experience with enhanced capabilities, and wanting to compete at a higher level, then it’s definitely time to level up and invest in some triggers.  Visit our shop to choose the ones that suit you, and your pocket, the best and don’t forget to tag us in the pics of you using your awesome product!

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