What we have our eye on this #techtuesday

It’s Tuesday and the tech we have our eye on this week is Nintendo’s Steam Deck.
While the world waits with baited breath, in a recent interview, Nintendo’s Pierre-Loup Griffais mentioned a kind of disappointing capped refresh rate of 30Hz.
This caused a bit of a stir however he later corrected his statement, explaining that
“The 30 FPS target is really the floor of what we consider playable in our performance testing.”
Nintendo claims that the games that have been tested so far have performed consistently and exceeded the bar by far. The console will also have a built-in limiter to help you fine-tune your perf vs. battery life.
The steam deck’s capabilities are being tested with existing or older games, and it would seem that some current games would push the steam deck to it’s limits. That means that in the semi-near future, AAA titles released for PC will have to take some performance or visual cutbacks in order to run smoothly on the handheld console.
While there are ways to help games run smoothly, like using 800p instead of 4k etc, we do have to weigh up all the concessions vs the enjoyability of the game.
We guess a good comparison would be the Nintendo Switch Port of the Witcher 3. The game is still seriously good to play, even with the less-than-perfect graphics.
This means that the Steam Deck is likely to have a good run, and will probably be a success once launched.
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