What you should know about power banks

A power bank is an accessory that is meant to work as an emergency power source for your smartphone. You can use a power bank to charge other devices such as tablets and digital cameras as well. In fact, this handy gadget allows you to charge those devices without necessarily plugging them into regular power outlets. In fact, power banks become incredibly handy for those who travel often or experience issues with their regular power supply.  


Charging a power bank  

There is no rocket science behind the charging of power banks. All you need is to connect it to a power outlet. They can also be charged through USB ports so finding an appropriate power outlet is very convenient. For instance, you can simply keep your power bank plugged into your PC or laptop and get it charged. Some power banks can be charged through solar energy but they take longer to be charged in full.  


The functionality of a smartphone power bank  

As mentioned before, a power bank can be used to charge many kinds of devices. Just use the original USB cable of the device and connect it to the power bank and that’s it. However, some power banks come with a button that should be pressed to start charging. Modern-day power banks come with smart indicators to display the progress.  


Some of the modern-day power banks are designed with multiple charging ports as well. Such power banks can be used to charge even 02 devices at once. Also, some of them come with a quick-charging feature too so they need a relatively shorter duration to charge the connected devices.  


Power banks work based on lithium-ion or lithium-polymer cells. Some power banks have multiple cells so they have greater capacity. Their function is pretty similar to rechargeable batteries you have used already.  


For how long it can supply power?  

In fact, this depends on several reasons. First, the capacity of the power bank defines the total amount of power it can retain. The higher the capacity, the longer it can supply the power. For instance, this 30000mah fast charging powerbank can charge 02 devices at once and still last longer because of its high capacity. Also, the battery capacity of the connected device will affect the duration the power bank can supply power.  


Also, the duration it takes to recharge a device will vary based on the respective device’s battery capacity. A device with greater capacity will take longer to be charged in full compared to one that does have a smaller capacity. When the device is charged, you will be informed through the smart indicator. New chargers come with safety features as well so you can keep them connected to the power source even throughout the night.  


Power banks have become incredibly popular among campers and other outdoor activists and the reasons are obvious. Even if you are not an outdoor activist, having such a device will be useful on many occasions where you don’t have access to regular power outlets.  

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